The Weekly Commonplace (7/16/17)


“From the briefcase Mg. Aviosky pulled a crisply folded red apron and a short, black top hat: the garb of an apprentice. Despite the gnawing inside her stomach and the pieces of heartfelt dreams collecting in a heap at the base of her skull, Ceony accepted the clothing with a quiet reverence.” (Charlie N. Holmberg, The Paper Magician, 14-15)


“It is at this point in creation, when order has been restored, that light, as it is commonly understood, light as the necessary concomitant of a generative world, is introduced.” (Verlyn Flieger, Splintered Light: Logos and Language in Tolkien’s World, 62)

“The concept is extraordinarily beautiful, but the beauty has a function and serves the theme. The alternating cycles of light mark the beginning of days, a rhythm that suggests measured time. There is still no night, no absolute dark, but there is a hesitation and pulsation, as if the light must now be tempered to the life of the world and brought softly into being.” (Flieger, 63)

“The diminution of the light cannot yet be called a splintering, though it prefigures splintering in the lessening of brightness and the subtle introduction of color where before all had been white that comes with the shift from the glare of the Lamps to the glow of the Trees.” (Flieger, 64)

(Image courtesy of J Zamora and


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