The Weekly Commonplace (4/30/17)


“From here onwards, although I shall try and look at some of the reasons why writing is hard and doesn’t go smoothly and feels hopeless and you want to quit and you hate language and yourself and your favorite brand of coffee, I shall not question your motivation or your desire.” (Sara Maitland, The Writer’s Way, 14)

“Now you read that, and you get the sense that John has no words to explain what he sees. And that’s no surprise. He’s in the very throne room of God. How do you describe God?! How do you explain the throne room of God to someone who’s never been there?! You might as well go back to the Middle Ages and try to explain Netflix!” (Rick Gamache, “And Behold, a Throne”, heard on 4/30/17)

“It doesn’t have to be like this, but we have to take charge. We can start by renegotiating the bargains we’re making with our data. We need to be proactive about how we deal with new technologies. We need to think about what we want our technological infrastructure to be, and what values we want it to embody. We need to balance the value of our data to society with its personal nature. We need to examine our fears, and decide how much of our privacy we are really willing to sacrifice for convenience. We need to understand the many harms of overreaching surveillance.

And we need to fight back.” (Bruce Schneier, Data and Goliath, 38)

“Data is the exhaust of the information age.” (Schneier, 58)

(Image courtesy of Patrik Göthe and


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