On the Practice of Commonplacing

The practice of commonplacing is the act of a reader recording meaningful phrases, sentences, and paragraphs of text or "commonplaces," a practice that has been observed for centuries by great minds such as Caesar, Milton, Locke, Jefferson, and Emerson as well as literary figures such as Sherlock Holmes. Traditionally, these commonplaces were generally gathered from books, but a commonplace in... Continue Reading →

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The Weekly Commonplace (1/8/18)

Here are this week's selection of immersive, poetic, and insightful sentences from J.K. Rowling, Richard Polt, and Thomas Cahill.

The Weekly Commonplace (12/9/17)

Take a stroll through a double-length post filled with sentences brimming with a haunting beauty from J.K. Rowling, insightfully poetic prose on the agelessness of the typewriter and the Digital Age from Richard Polt, and miscellany from Annie Dillared, Mary Shelley, and the editors of "Creators on Creating".

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